Discover, explore and soak in the rich culture of Puducherry. At Club Mahindra, you have the advantage of hopping from one civilization to another. Not only will you get to experience the charm of France, you’ll also be basking in Tamil Nadu’s enchantment!

One sure way of experiencing the indigenous culture of this region is through Junglee night, a popular and famed offering for our guests. Prepare for a night of blazing entertainment and splendour. Artistry combines with skill and talent to create spectacular performances. We bring to you the Fire Dance act. This phenomenon involves the manipulation of fire, resulting in spellbinding tricks.

Your heartbeat gets faster as you glimpse extraordinary movements and visual effects. Feel yourself gasping, as the performers rhythmically dance with objects designed to create larger-than-life flames. Together, marvel and cheer at the magnificence right before you. You don’t need to head to the circus or the theatre for the Fire Dance act. You can enjoy mesmerising performances, with us. And, for many more unique experiences, Club Mahindra has 100+ properties in India and abroad.

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Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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A family vacation is an album of memories… one that’s waiting to be shared. Read through our Club Mahindra membership reviews to find out what makes a resort story so special. 

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