When you place your faith with Club Mahindra resorts in India, you’re sure to have a culturally, historically and spiritually rich time. So, when comparing resorts in Alappuzha, do look to ours for a unique and authentic holiday. We will assure your mind is as stimulated as your body, leaving room for fun as well as learning. The Fort Cochin, Mattancherry Palace and Judah Church Visit experience is a signature tour that takes you on a voyage across the best places to visit in Alappuzha. Prepare to be entranced.

Fort Cochin, Mattancherry Palace and Judah Church Visit will introduce you to Kerala’s proud heritage through a whisper of facts and secrets. First on the agenda is an inspection of the seaside, Fort Cochin. This formidable structure is a reflection of Portuguese, Dutch and British architecture. Did you know that Fort Cochin was a thriving fishing village in pre-colonial Kerala? Yes, a mix of old houses built by the colonial rules line the streets of Fort Cochin. You can admire them all. Adjacent to the fort lies the lovely Mattancherry Palace. It is home to the Paradesi Synagogue (India's oldest functioning synagogue), Mattancherry Palace Museum and Mattacherry Pazhayannur Royal temple. Last but not least, the Judah Church i.e. St Francis Church also sits within this historic vicinity. The legendary explorer, Vasco da Gama was once buried here. Take a few moments to breathe in the sacred aura of this place.

If you opt to book the Fort Cochin, Mattancherry Palace and Judah Church Visit experience, a good day to remember and mesmerize upon, is guaranteed. But if not, there are several other things to do in Alappuzha. Club Mahindra member reviews will shed light on the diversity of this destination.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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