When you holiday at the Holiday Club resorts in Finland, you are in for some superb treats. Treats that you and your family will cherish for a long, long time. There are many things to do in Finland. You can rent motorboats, Pedalo boats, you could go on some wonderful cycling tours, enjoy a soothing session at the sauna, pamper yourself at the spa and much more. The one experience we want to recommend is the Guided Fishing Tour.

You may have always dreamt of a peaceful day on a boat in some pristine waters, while you go fishing. You may have read about the experience of fishing in books or seen it in movies. You may have been tempted to try it, but like all busy city dwellers, never got the chance. Well here it is. The Guided Fishing Tour experience at our Holiday Club resorts in Finland is just the thing you have been waiting for. 

First time fishing? Want to spot a great catch? These are just some of the reasons why we insist that you must experience the Guided Fishing Tour when you holiday at our resorts in Finland. The professionals will know just how to train you. Armed with the state-of-the-art equipment, they help you succeed in getting some big catch, fast. They also know the right spots to go fishing. Did you know that there are several fishing methods? In Airisto you can see whitefish angling, spin fishing for pike and much more. Do read up before you sign up for the Guided Fishing Tour. 

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about Guided Fishing Tour experience, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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A family vacation is an album of memories… one that’s waiting to be shared. Read through our Club Mahindra membership reviews to find out what makes a resort story so special. 

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