The town of Ankleshwar in Gujarat is known for two things – oil and the Jain Temples of Ankleshwar.

A one-hour drive (approximately 44 km) takes you from Club Mahindra Netrang to the Jain Temples of Ankleshwar, via the Ankleshwar-Burhanpur Highway.

This is an important pilgrimage site in Gujarat for devout Jains. The famed Shri Ankleshwar Tirth includes four Digambar Jain temples, most prominent of which is the Chintamani Parsvanath Temple, wherein resides the brown coloured 150-metre high idol of God Chintamani Parsvanath. Apart from Jains, people from all religions are welcome to pay the respects at the Chintamani Parsvanath Temple.

The other three Digambar Jain temples are Mahavir Swami Mandir, Adinath Mandir and Neminath Mandir, of which the Mahavir temple is the largest.

According to local belief, the idols of Sheetalnath, Parsvanath and Nandi were discovered two kilometres away in the Raskunda area. When they were being brought to Ankleshwar, the cart carrying them stopped at the spot where the existing temple is located.

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