Have you ever considered what the big allure of travel is? Discovering fascinating cultures, is of course, one of them! What better way to get acquainted with a region than by immersing yourself into its various art forms? At Club Mahindra Puducherry, your family will get to go on a cultural rollercoaster ride. And, the first stop is an ancient folk dance, courtesy of our Tribal Nights!

Here’s introducing Karakattam, one of Tamil Nadu’s oldest dance forms, performed in praise of the rain goddess Mariamman. According to the ancient Tamil Epic, Karakattam is a blend of Bharatanatyam postures and mudras. Through its intricate movements, dancers are said to call upon the Goddess to bless the rainfall. The perfumers usually balance a pot on their heads and don traditional attire.

Get prepared to be awestruck with the sheer beauty and grace of these folk performers. From their expression to their transition and synchronisation, get ready to be amazed. Watch your kids as their faces light up with fascination and intrigue. Our entertainment goes beyond the realm of usual, bringing to you authentic and unforgettable experiences. If Karakattam is something that you’d like to witness first-hand, vacation with Club Mahindra. Our rich repository of resorts in India and abroad, span 100+ properties!

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