Though it may sound like a tongue twister, Meriluontokeskus actually means ‘centre for marine life’. At places like Kalajoki, Finland, where the sea is an intrinsic part of life, the Meriluontokeskus offers you a sneak peek into Kalajoki’s maritime culture and the diversity of marine life that is found there. While there may be plenty of fun things to do around resorts in Finland such as Holiday Club Kalajoki, this is a great learning opportunity, especially for the kids, which doesn’t mean it’s not going to be fun.

At Meriluontokeskus, Kalajoki you can dive headfirst into Finland’s long history of seafaring and fishing dating back to the time of the Vikings. You can see restored fishing boats that are hundreds of years old and also the equipment used to fish back then such as nets, hooks made from fishbone and spears. You can also see pictures and videos of how the Bay of Bothnia was transformed over the centuries thanks to its prolific fishing industry. Since Meriluontokeskus is located close to the Kalajoki sand dunes, you can also take a guided tour along its 4-kilometre-long Nature Trail, to see the biodiversity of the region.

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