At Club Mahindra, we take great pride in the food we serve. In the recipes we craft. In the ingredients we source. In the stories we tell. In the powerful emotions we evoke in our guests. Through aroma, taste and texture. With every delectable dish, our expert Master Chefs take families on a gastronomic journey across India and the world. From the quaint fishing villages of Kerala to the blooming orchards of Himachal Pradesh, idyllic farms of Finland to the charming countryside of Sweden, we believe that food is a conduit to culture. And just like that, we offer you the world on your plate.

Welcome to Club Mahindra restaurants, where age-old preparations meet innovative, modern blends. Come, enjoy our warm hospitality, charming interiors, vibrant menus and unforgettable dining experiences. Select between candlelight dinners, riverside picnics, royal banquets, bonfire meals, treetop dining and so much more! We have something to suit every palate and preference. So, let us indulge your taste buds like never before. The best part is, we place special emphasis on procuring fresh, organic produce from local farmers, to whip up the most healthy and delicious foods. We also get to know your family’s needs better, so that we can recommend the best meal options. Are you ready to be wooed?

Club Mahindra’s Culinary Adventures

Savour hot and juicy Sultana Shammi Kebabs, cooked on a live grill atop your table, at our speciality Barbecue Bay restaurant. Set against beautiful natural backdrops, including riversides and rainforests, you will find that Barbecue Bay blends cuisine with ambience. Discover the rich flavours of North Indian fare at our resorts in Corbett, Goa, Madikeri, Munnar and Kandaghat.

Craving an authentic Pahadi dining experience? Our resort in Gangtok offers just the right one for you. Ghar Ka Chullah takes you back to a simpler time when food was prepared on an earthen stove. Enjoy steaming Thukpa noodle soup by a crackling bonfire. Try steamed dumplings or Momos stuffed with meat and vegetables, as you soak in the tranquillity of Sikkim.

For all you seafood lovers, Finz, at our Puducherry resort, is dedicated especially to you! Tuck into sumptuous Clove Roasted Fish. Dip crusty bread into a decadent Crab Curry. Relish, finger-licking Prawn Masala. With the soothing sound of waves crashing onto the shore with rhythmic precision. Marvel at the view of the beach, as the sun slowly melts into the horizon.

For those specific Italian cravings, Aromi Di italia will have you saying, “Mama Mia”! This lovely restaurant in Cherai serves up hearty meals, with just the right amount of punch. Sweet. Spicy. Tangy. Let your kids select from a wide variety of pizzas, pastas and risottos, that are sure to cast a spell of love!

Speaking of pizzas, our Holiday Club Resorts in Finland, Sweden and Spain serve the most delicious wood-fire oven pizzas. Enjoy a rustic yet luxurious ambience, while sinking into cheesy, goodness. Do enjoy the berries and mushrooms, freshly foraged from forests.

Are you ready to conquer the land and sea, with your fork and spoon? As you can see, a Club Mahindra membership introduces you to a world of cultures and cuisines. So, treat your senses to a treasure trove of restaurants. To know more, have a read at Club Mahindra reviews.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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