“There is nothing like a day spent doing the simplest things in life – keeping silent and thinking.”

A visit to the unique Aurobindo Ashram is the perfect complement to the serenity of Puducherry. This grey-walled Ashram was established by a renowned spiritual guru, Sri Aurobindo and the French-born lady, Mirra Alfassa, fondly known as ‘Mother’. After a tiring day of sightseeing, soothe your inner self and find peace in the serene atmosphere of this building.

As you head to the main building, you will see the white-marble mausoleum of Aurobindo and the Mother, adorned with flowers. Next to the mausoleum, there is a small shop that sells books and paintings of Sir Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s teachings. The shop is decorated with paintings and bright, vibrant flowers are beautifully arranged in the courtyard.  Take a yoga session here and you will be transported to a tranquil state of mind. But make sure to keep your cell phone switched off and maintain silence.

Want to experience more? Then simply soak in the sight of locals and tourists sitting in shared meditative silence. It is here that you will discover the meaning of words like ‘restful’ and ‘at peace’ – for Sri Aurobindo Ashram is about learning the art of living in contemplative thought. Here, you will also get an opportunity to learn more about Sri Aurobindo’s life and work through an array of videos and exhibitions that are exhibited in the Ashram. You can also visit various workshops at the Ashram to see unique craft like batik work, handloom weaving, hand printing on saris and much more.

As we said, this is an experience where peace invites you, silence soothes you and mediation heals you. This is an experience like none other and it is no wonder that visitors throng to sit here for hours. Close your eyes and enter the world of peace and quiet, only at Aurobindo Ashram.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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