Tribes have always fascinated the city dweller. A glimpse into their lives (however slim), is like a wish being granted. For every such city dweller who holidays at the beautiful Club Mahindra resort at Ooty, opportunity knocks in the avatar of the Tribal Village.

The beautiful Nilgiris are home to many tribes such as the Todas, Kotas, Badagas and Kurumbas. You can visit the Tribal Village of the Todas and have a unique experience that you and your family will cherish forever. It is believed that the Toda tribe has been around since ancient times. As ancient as the 3rd century BC. They used to be a prominent tribe occupying the valleys and forests of the Nilgiris. Today, they are pushed near extinction. The Toda Village is the only thing that has survived the onslaught of modernisation.

From the resort at Ooty, you will take approximately seven hours to reach the Tribal Village. It is a long drive, but absolutely worth it. The Toda tribe is a pastoral community. Their culture has an irresistible appeal for the travellers. When you visit the Tribal Village, you will be captivated by the Toda houses. In sync with nature, symmetrical and beautiful. They are known as ‘dogles’ and are made up of bamboo and stones. The façade of the houses has ancient Toda paintings. These will remind you of the pictures of murals and paintings from the stone age. A glimpse into this simple life of the Toda tribe at the Tribal Village will charm you. It is an experience that you will never forget.

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