When you check into a Club Mahindra resort in Kerala, you obviously expect to see evergreen forests interspersed with plantations, tea gardens spanning to infinity, shorelines dotted with coconut trees and quaint houseboats making their ways through the backwaters. But have you ever imagined that a Grapes and Vegetables Farm Visit would be part of your holiday agenda? Well, when you count the many things to do in Kerala, you’ll need to make time for it.

The region of Cumbum Valley is considered one of South India’s most fertile lands. Blessed with the rich nutrients in the soil and a climate that is suited for the cultivation of a variety of crops, here’s where you should head when you are on a Grapes and Vegetables Farm Visit. Food staples like paddy, mango, cashew, and pomegranate abound here. Oh, and did you know, Cumbum also happens to have a thriving grape cultivation!

So, if you love grapes, wine and all that this juicy fruit brings to the table, the Grapes and Vegetables Farm Visit will gladden you, and how! What’s more, the ride from Thekkady to Cumbum Valley is both picturesque and adventurous – going through the Periyar Tiger Reserve. You can also take some time out to see the massive water lines that carry water from the Mullaperiyar Dam for irrigation to the regions of Tamil Nadu.

Village life often comes with many surprises, for the city dwellers. So be prepared to stumble upon the new. From cabbages to sunflowers, tomatoes to marigolds, cucumbers to coconut trees – it’s all here. You can view the farms, talk to the locals, and even purchase some of the garden-fresh (luring) vegetables and vineyard-made wine. Trust us, you’ll love the experience.

Ready for an invigorating Grapes and Vegetables Farm Visit? Then, do the needful and book your Kerala holiday right away. And to know more about the Grapes and Vegetables Farm Visit experience, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

Invest in a lifetime of wonderful holiday memories.

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