A sea of blooming flowers, dancing in the wind. A riot of colours ranging from indigo to violet. Fragrant, soft and romantic. Covering every inch of the hills of Munnar. Can you take a lucky guess at what we’re describing? Here’s introducing, Neelkurunji flowers, one of the most spectacular natural phenomena of the state! Exploring pastures of flowers is one of the most enchanting things to do in Munnar.

This gorgeous flower is said to blossom every 12 years, or so, during the months of July to October. During this time, the hills of Munnar swiftly transform into gardens of Eden – a place fit for the heavens. The striking blue image is like a page right from a storybook. Every corner spells magic. Every inch is dreamy. Kids will feel like they are part of a fairy-tale. Parents will be reminded of their childhood fantasies. Grandparents will be left speechless to have witnessed this spectacle. An extraordinary sight for human eyes, botanists describe it as the blooming of ‘Strobilanthes kunthianus’. With 40 odd varieties to its name, it makes for a visual extravaganza like no other. While the flower will only bloom in the year 2030, the region is still breath-taking to visit.

The unique life cycle of this flowering plant makes the hills one of the most glorious places to visit in Munnar. Additionally, it is a must-visit destination for biologists, environmentalists and nature enthusiasts alike! Club Mahindra Munnar will plan a trek to the hills, when it is the season for the Neelkurunji flowers to bloom. As one of the top resorts in Munnar, you will have access to this highly popular tour. For novel experiences like this one, look through our signature experiences from 100+ resorts in India and abroad.

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