Journey back in time to the legendary western period. From Cowboys to Indians, gunslingers to thieves, and so many eccentric characters, here’s your chance to explore a cinematic universe! Sioux City is an incredible theme park that will remind you of a quintessential town in the middle of an American prairie. So, whisk your family away to a place right out of a Hollywood film. With detailed film-set recreations, you will feel like you are in another era altogether.

The town’s main road is flanked on both sides by a school, barber’s shop, blacksmith and recruitment office. At the far end, stands a church and cemetery. Nearby, a little Mexican village and Indian reserve make its presence felt. A bustling saloon, with booming country music, serves food and drink to people passing by. In true, wild-wild-west fashion, a scuffle begins to break out. A group of outlaws begin to shoot, and suddenly you’re right in the centre of all the action! This is no ordinary amusement park. So, embrace the novel and enjoy the many unique attractions and offerings. Head over to Film and Lee Van Cleef Museum and Weapons Museum for a glimpse into this fascinating world. Make sure you include the cowboy lassoing show and horse whisperer session into your itinerary. Kids and adults, both, will equally enjoy these theatrics.

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