How do you enjoy a day at the beach when the temperature outside is below freezing? Is it possible to frolic and dive into turquoise blue waters when the land is blanketed with a white sheet of ice? Spa SaniFani answers both these questions by dunking you in one of its many heated swimming pools. Where most beach resorts in Finland see few visitors during the winter, Spa SaniFani is packed all year round. That’s because this indoor water park is constantly maintained at 30°C. During your stay at Holiday Club Kalajoki, Finland, whatever the weather, spending a day at the beach with your family is always possible thanks to Spa SaniFani.

Spa SaniFani is a spa with an indoor water park. It has a well maintained 25-metre-wide Olympic swimming pool for swimming and diving. There’s also a lazy river cutting through the water park that allows you to float leisurely throughout the entire park and watch the world go by. If you want a warm, therapeutic soak, Spa SaniFani has a number of whirlpools and jacuzzis that are maintained at 32°C. Take a dip in one of these before plunging into the cold pool, with its 8°C water, for stress busting, muscle relaxing hydrotherapy. There are a number of water slides which are safe for children of all ages. You will also find a gymnasium, Finnish saunas, and a Turkish steam room all under one roof. With so much to do, you can easily spend the day frolicking with the family even though it's freezing outside.

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about the experience at Spa SaniFani at Holiday Club Kalajoki, Finland, read the Club Mahindra reviews and decide for yourself.

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