The most precious jewel in Munnar’s crown is undoubtedly its plantations. Lush, aromatic, bright and awe-inspiring. what’s not to love about these heavenly pieces of land? From tea to several other spices, the hills and elevated slopes are blanketed with more than 50 estates, going back decades. Rows and rows of bushes with ever-green leaves sit alongside valleys, lakes, rivers and forests. Isn’t that just a sight for sore eyes? Which is why a spice plantation tour, is one of the most amazing things to do in Munnar.

Head to Cinnamon Gardens Spice Plantation. It definitely tops the list of ‘places to visit in Munnar’. This charming property consists of a showcase garden along with a larger plantation that lies adjacent to it. We would recommend strolling through the entire place to glimpse all the condiments that are growing. The plantation is home to approximately 100 species of spices, herbs, ayurvedic medicinal plants and economically lucrative tropical plants.

Enjoy a guided spice plantation tour and be spellbound by the sheer variety of spices originating from across the globe. Let your kids jump up with joy as they identify the correct spice, or your partner exclaim with excitement as she spots a popular household herb. At Club Mahindra, we curate the most special experiences for the whole family!

With Club Mahindra, you can look forward to such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad!

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