A winter holiday in the ultimate winter land – Finland! When the earth cuddles up under a stunning white snowy blanket, you can explore the many things to do in Finland. With so much to do and so many places to see in Finland, you are spoilt for choice. And when you holiday at a place like the resort at Airisto, the list just goes on and on.

When you holiday at the Holiday Club Airisto, Finland, we insist that you try SnowShoeing. Historically, SnowShoeing was a mode of transport in extreme weather. Today, however, it has evolved into a sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. Very simply put, SnowShoeing means hiking with snowshoes. Snowshoes are a type of outerwear shoes (think like a jacket over your shoes) that features a wide frame so that when you walk, your weight is distributed over a larger area. This prevents your foot from sinking into the snow and you sort of float over the snow.

Floating over snow! Just the thought makes you smile. We are sure that you have put SnowShoeing on top of your list of things to do in Finland. We do not blame you. SnowShoeing takes you onto the snow and leaves you spellbound with the beautiful scenery around. Not just that, it is a great form of exercise too. So, if you have indulged in one too many desserts at our resorts in Finland, SnowShoeing is just what you need. Do check at the resort for any details you may want.

With Club Mahindra, you can witness many such magnificent experiences across 100+ resorts in India and abroad! To know more about the SnowShoeing experience, read the Club Mahindra member reviews.

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A family vacation is an album of memories… one that’s waiting to be shared. Read through our Club Mahindra membership reviews to find out what makes a resort story so special. 

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