The whole month of December is filled with festivities and with Christmas coming up around the corner, there are various ways you can be celebrating with the family. While your children will be excited about the ways in which you will be surprising them with gifts or building a customized tree at home, you can aim to make this festival more meaningful for the entire family.

Even though this is not an Indian festival, the excitement and enthusiasm is palpable. The end of the year is a great time to bring all your close-knit family members together and celebrate more enthusiastically. Children have a holiday and to keep them engaged and excited, here are a few ideas that you could make use of to enjoy more gloriously with your family.


Taking up baking with the entire family can be an incredibly fun activity not just for the kids but for everyone involved. Pick out recipes from the internet and experiment with new techniques and processes. Buy marshmallows and festive foods and indulge your children as you open their minds to new cultures and ways of celebrating holidays.


Now one thing that can never really go wrong is Christmas shopping. Take your children out on a shopping spree and let them buy gifts for each other. This will not only let them think out of the box but also make them actively think about their family members’ likes and dislikes. Head to a mall and let them explore their options.


Is it even a great end to the year if you do not make New Year lists and agendas? Building resolutions for the new year can be a great way to let your kids understand the importance of goals and planning in advance. If you plan to take a trip in the coming year, let your children know. Give them an insight into how you go about the bookings and saving up for the same. With your Mahindra membership, getting accommodation might be easy but you can also get the best rooms if you book well in advance. Let them know the importance of these details and intricacies that come with strategizing your year ahead. Check out the Club Mahindra reviews online to know how other families are making their vacations unforgettable!


A party to which you can invite possibly the entire friend and family circle is one that your children need to be a part of. Organise a party for your clan and let the kids take charge of planning certain bits. Give them specific tasks and make it enjoyable. Pick a theme and send out invitations, plan the menu and set up props and games for the guests.


A slightly out of the box but immensely gratifying way to spend the end of the year is to take out all your old belongings like toys, clothes, etc. and donate them to a charity. Donating newer belongings might not be possible and most of us rarely think of donation. This year, bring your children and their friends together and organise a donation drive. Bring out all the stuff that you would like to see donated, decide a good reliable charity that you would like to donate it to and do the needful.


This is an activity that comes naturally to most of us. But this time around, make it interesting by letting your children compete with each other. Let them be more creative, more innovative and come up with designs that are fun while they engage in it and also attractive to look at.


Take your children out for a meal and try new cuisines or restaurants that have opened in the city. If not an entire trip, just a day out with the family can do wonders. Let your kids play dress up and take them out for a drive or a movie. Let them pick what they would love to do and make the day memorable.

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