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When was the last time you took a trip to South India? There are various places that one can visit and explore apart from the quintessential Kerala backwaters. These are the kind of places that need a will to explore, undertake new adventures and a mindset that is ready to travel with an open mind.

When you decide to take your family to Tamil Nadu, Chennai is the first place that pops up in our minds. However, have you ever considered taking a trio to Puducherry? India’s French Colony, this place is resplendent with beaches, colourful houses and quirky cafes that will have your children hooked to Instagram all day. Visit during the early months of the year or winter and make sure you book your stay with Club Mahindra well in advance. A charming mix of modern and old world aesthetics, you can take a massage or indulge in a spa and also do a few things which are special to the land.

Auroville, famous for the Aurobindo Ashram is a place that needs to be visited for half a day when you stay in Pondicherry. Have an early breakfast at Bread and Chocolate, a café that serves excellent breakfast food options and head to the Ashram for a tour. Soak in the culture and the philosophy of this town, try the crepes at Auroville bakery and have lunch at Naturellament.


Take a stop at MahabaliPuram, the land of the famous 5 temples on the way back to Chennai. If you book your flights from Chennai, it also turns our cheaper and the drive back from the resort to Chennai airport is smooth. The group of monuments are a collection of structures built in the 7th and 8th century CE and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Shore temple is located along side the beach and is named thus. Spend two hours at the temples before you begin your journey back to Chennai.

Auroville Matri Mandir


Take some time out in the evening and head out of the resort for a drive. Visit the French Town and relax at the cafés, sip on filter coffee and devour the culture that is a melting pot of two rich countries. Tamil and French cultures come together to provide an experience that is enthralling. Walk along the famous Promenade and watch the waves hit the rocks as the sun sets blissfully over the ocean. A perfect retreat for your family, the Pondicherry resort is a brilliant way to ensure that your trip helps you achieve the best of both worlds!


The food in South India has always been the talk of the country and the delicious Idlis, Dosas and Idiyappams are a real treat when you visit this place. The meals at the resort are designed and customised in a way where the best of the culture is show cased and captured in every buffet. Some places like Dindigul Thalakapatti, Ananda Bhavan and street side vendors that sell delicious tapioca chips are things you must look out for!

Plan a vacation with Club Mahindra and have a comfortable stay at Puducherry resort in Tamil Nadu with family. Do read some Club Mahindra reviews online for further information on Club Mahindra resorts.

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