Looking for a Delhi tourism food guide that includes all the lip-smacking dishes that the city has to offer? You have found your way to the ultimate blog!

Whether it is the traditional dishes or the fiery roadside delights, the food of Delhi helps Delhi tourism immensely. There are numerous things to do in Delhi, but relishing Delhi’s cuisine tops the list.

In this post, we’ll share the best 10 dishes that must be included in an ideal Delhi tourism food guide. When on a trip to Delhi, be it an official visit or a holiday, make sure you tick these 10 items off your list of gastronomic joys.

10 Mouth-Watering Dishes to Try in Delhi


People usually end their meals with something sweet, but none of those rules apply in the capital city!

Delhi’s sweet culture is spectacular, with a variety of desserts up its sleeves. From rabri and laddoo to kulfi and ras malai, you will never run out of something sweet to have when in Delhi.

But if there’s a queen of sweet dishes, it’d have to be jalebis. Hot and juicy, with jalebis in Delhi, it is love at first bite.


Among the many historic things the Mughals have given India, kebabs is definitely one of the best bestowals.

When paired with freshly chopped and grinded coriander or mint chutney, the kebabs of Delhi transform into a delight that no words can capture.


The delectable rolls of Delhi is a very important part of Delhi tourism. Whether you are in Khan Market or in a posh area like the Connaught Place, every nook and cranny in Delhi has its one special roll recipe.

After a whole day of gallivanting in the city, Kathi rolls served in almost all restaurants in Delhi   taste even more delicious. Don’t believe us? Try it during your next trip to Delhi.

Dahi Bhalla

The yummy street food of Delhi must be mentioned in this Delhi tourism food guide. If we were to pick one street food of Delhi that is a massive hit among the locals as well as the tourists, then it would have to be dahi bhalla.

The splendid taste of urad dal balls in curd makes this dish a standout among other classics.

Delhi Tourism Food Guide - Jalebis Delhi Tourism Food Guide - Rolls


In India, every city has its own unique way of making biryani. While Calcutta adds a potato to the mix, Hyderabad sprinkles spices galore. Delhi too gives the biryani a different soul.

Lacing the meat with a variety of ingredients, all the restaurants in Delhi make sure that their biryani is not a dish, but a voyage. The combination of the most tender meat and aromatic rice is sure to make your tummy and heart really happy.


Whether you want to try a plain, soft parantha, or would love to go for a parantha with cauliflower, radish, or potato stuffings, the paranthas of Delhi are unmissable.

The Paranthe Wali Gali in Delhi’s famous Chandi Chowk area is one of the places to visit in Delhi where you can enjoy this appetising dish.

Tandoori Momos

There are momos, and then there are tandoori momos! If you have never tried one, then maybe it’s for the best, because you can try it for the first time in the capital city where they make the most delicious tandoori momos.

When dipped in a bowl of sizzling red chilli chutney, the tandoori momos cause a carnival in your mouth. Lajpat Nagar, which is one of the best places to visit in Delhi serves some of the most scrumptious momos in the city.

Butter Chicken

The flavour of tandoori chicken and the tang of a gravy made of tomato and butter, when you mix the two the end result is magic.

Butter chicken with naan is a combination that you must try on your next holiday in Delhi. Served in most of the dhabas and restaurants, this order never goes wrong.

Delhi Tourism Food Guide - Paranthas Delhi Tourism Food Guide - Chole Bhature

Chicken Pattie

Some of the best chicken patties in India are made in the capital city. This fluffy yet crispy snack with fillings that take your breath away had to be included in this Delhi Tourism Food Guide.

Try the chicken pattie with hot sauce and you will be transported to a different culinary world altogether.

Chole Bhature

Whoever said the perfect lunch does not exist has not tasted the chole bhature served in Delhi.

While some even go for a plate or two of chole bhature for breakfast, we would recommend you try this rich dish during the afternoon on an empty-ish stomach. Guzzle down the meal with a glass of lassi and you are sorted.

These 10 dishes must be included in any proper Delhi tourism food guide. Before we end the post, we should also help you with some of the most frequently asked questions by people travelling to the capital city.

What’s the best time to visit Delhi?

Delhi is all about visiting historical and cultural places on foot. Therefore, the best time to visit Delhi would be the colder months between October and March.

How to reach Delhi for a holiday?

Being the capital city of India, Delhi is the most well-connected of all cities in the country. Almost every major airline lands and takes off from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, which means you are only a ticket away from any part of the world.

With three major railway stations and a brilliant network of roads, Delhi can also be reached by rail and road.

What are some of the best resorts in Delhi?

There are several top notch resorts in Delhi. When picking a retreat make sure it offers you the best of both Delhi’s old-world charm along with every modern facility.

That’s all on today’s post on Delhi tourism food guide. Let us know whether or not you found it helpful in the comment section.

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