A workcation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely. The idea is to take a break from the workplace, and not your work. The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced people into working from home and as the lockdowns and travel restrictions ease up, workcations are becoming increasingly popular. Plus, technological advancements have introduced collaborative tools such as Slack and teleconferencing platforms like Zoom. These are backed by lightning fast Wi-Fi and 4G internet, making connectivity seamless and ensuring zero communication gaps or delays.

If you’re considering such an arrangement, forego sunny Goa and ditch humdrum Himachal Pradesh. How about taking a workcation at our 100+ Club Mahindra Resorts located across diverse popular or offbeat destinations?

For instance, you could workcation at Madhya Pradesh. The climate is not as humid as the seaside or chilly as the hills. The weather, especially during the months of August and September, is temperate with refreshing showers that bring national parks like Kanha and Bandhavgarh alive. So, your workcation at Madhya Pradesh at Club Mahindra Kanha or Bundela Resort Bandhavgarh is sure to be a pleasant experience. Secondly, a resort like Bundela Resort, Khajuraho, with its cultural vibe and proximity to beautiful monuments, is sure to give you plenty of creative inspiration. Lastly, thanks to our safety protocols and strict resort hygiene and sanitation precautions, your workcation at Madhya Pradesh at a Club Mahindra resort is guaranteed to be 100 percent safe and healthy, which should put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on work.

So how would you go about scheduling your day during a workcation at Madhya Pradesh or at any of the Club Mahindra resorts? Read on to find out how to achieve the right balance of business and pleasure.

1. Wake Up to Nature’s Alarm

At our Club Mahindra resorts that are tucked away from cities and located near wildlife sanctuaries or nestled in the hill, your workcation will put you in the midst of nature. Ditch the alarm on your phone and wake up to birds chirping and sunlight on your face. Start each day of your workcation feeling refreshed.

Yoga Workcation Family Time

 2. Put Yourself First on Your To-Do List

Why not? Utmost comfort is critical so that you stay focused. Make sure the environment affords worry-free self-care and maintenance. Meditate, exercise or go for a rejuvenating stroll. Follow this up with a scrumptious breakfast to get some much-needed energy to start your day, remember no phones yet. Our chefs are known to pamper your tastebuds so make sure you have an appetite for it.

3. Get into A Flow State

Now that you’re relaxed, well fed and primed for a productive day, look at your phone and check your emails. Get ready to start your work day but don’t go all out. Research shows productivity is optimized when focused for 90 minutes followed by a 20-minute break. Follow this rule when working through a plan; it works. Take 20 minutes to refresh, refocus and regain any lost objectivity, take a walk on our lawns or simply sit in the veranda and watch the mountains, or soothe yourself in the rhythm of the sea. Complement the 90-minute focus with a playlist of music that can help achieve and maintain a focused state of mind. You probably won’t need it thanks to the chirping, warbling and singing birds outside your window.

4 . Keep Your Brain Entertained

It’s easy to fall into the trap of considering your workcation as time off and losing focus and chilling in bed all day. Sure, do that once in a while, but take an hour daily to grab a book and head into the forest to read or get to know your surroundings. Balance is the key and all work and no play is the quickest way to ruin your workcation.

Workcation Is Vaction Family Holiday

5. Enjoy Yourself

The spirit should be comforted while the mind is in overdrive. A workcation is after all part-vacation. So, remember to set weekends aside to do fun stuff. Take a tour, eat a great meal, go out to explore or stay in and binge on your favourite series. Use these as rewards for finishing tasks during the week and make your workcation one of the most productive periods of your life.

6. Switch Off

You’re on a workcation, plus there’s no daily commute to and from work. So be sure to switch off at an appropriate time. If you’ve followed our pointers this far, by waking up at an appropriate time and working in short but productive bursts, you should be able to get a lot of work done while still being able to switch off and disconnect at an appropriate time. The mind continues to work while sleeping. So, if you’re faced with a particularly challenging situation or need to come up with a novel solution, try sleeping over it, or practice some meditative yoga overlooking the mountains at Club Mahindra's most scenic resorts. You are guaranteed to wake up with a fresh perspective and inspiration the next day.

Your workcation is a mix of the best parts of a holiday, remote work, and sabbatical. Scheduling your day and establishing a routine from day one is imperative for you to enjoy the best of all three. Getting into the rhythm might take a few days to get used to but it is important you start from the very first day. Having the same schedule will help you get a lot of work done while also letting you explore the beautiful landscapes surrounding our resorts. Check out our Club Mahindra member reviews to read about our members’ experience of their workcations at Club Mahindra Resorts. And get in touch with us to help you plan one.

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