Aamras tops the list of the world's best-rated mango dishes published by TasteAtlas.                     

In a delightful testament to India's rich culinary heritage, Aamras has been ranked as the number one dish in the world's best-rated mango-based dishes. This accolade given by TasteAtlas, the popular online food and travel guide, highlights the global appreciation for this traditional Indian delicacy, celebrated for its simplicity and vibrant flavor.

Aamras, a popular dessert in Western India, particularly in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, is a sweet, pulpy preparation made from ripe mangoes. The dish is often enjoyed during the summer season when mangoes are in abundance, and it serves as a refreshing treat to beat the heat. Typically, the mango pulp is extracted, blended to a smooth consistency, and sometimes flavored with a touch of cardamom or saffron. It is commonly served with puris, a type of deep-fried bread, enhancing the overall gastronomic experience.

Mango, often hailed as the "king of fruits," holds a special place in Indian culture and cuisine. The dish’s top ranking among mango-based dishes underscores the fruit's versatility and its integral role in India's culinary landscape. While Aamras gained the first place, Mango Chutney gained the 5th place on the list. 

Apart from the above two, the ranking published by TasteAtlas includes Mango Sticky Rice of Thailand ranking 2nd, Sorbetes from the Philippines ranking 3rd, Rujak from Java, Indonesia ranking 4th, Mango Pomelo Sago from Hong Kong, China ranking 6th, Mangguo Buding from Guangdong, China ranking 7th, Rujak Cingur from Surabaya, Indonesia ranking 8th, Baobing from Guangdong, China ranking 9th and Mamuang Nam Pla Wan from Thailand ranking 10th in the list. 

The announcement of Aamras as the world's best-rated mango dish has sparked a sense of pride among Indians and has also piqued the interest of food lovers globally. As people seek to explore authentic and traditional flavors, Aamras stands out as a must-try delicacy that offers a genuine taste of India's mango season.

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